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I have a runny nose and don’t feel well. How do I know if this is a cold or allergies?

Features of allergies and the common cold overlap and determining which is the cause of your symptoms can be a challenge. But, here are some guidelines.

  • A cold generally lasts five to ten days and is more likely to occur in fall or winter. On the other hand, allergy symptoms last for as long as you are exposed to whatever you’re allergic, which could mean weeks, an entire season, or for some people, all year.

  • Tell-tale signs of a cold are fever, muscles aches and feeling like you’re coming down with something. Allergies generally don’t cause fevers or muscle aches, while a cold, which is a viral infection, can.

Many times, over the counter medicine, such as a steroid nasal spray with or without a non- sedating antihistamine pill, is all you need. If that doesn’t do the trick, if you’re not sure what you have, or if your symptoms are severe, come visit us at Yubadocs. We can help diagnose, treat and guide you to recovery.

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