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How can I best prepare for a safe day at the Yuba River?

As the founding president of SYRCL, the Yuba is dear to my heart. To help ensure you have a great day, bring plenty of water and be sure to use sunscreen. Stay hydrated, bring healthy snacks and wear sturdy river shoes to avoid slips and sprains. We see many people at Yubadocs for sprains and broken bones from slippery rocks.

Please do not take glass to the river! You could be saving someone a trip to urgent care for stitches. The Yuba can also be dangerous. Every year there are drownings or near-drownings. Some are related to alcohol, others occur when people are caught unaware by the fast-moving, cold river and swept away.

If someone is in distress and you can help without endangering your life, get that person out of the water and CALL FOR ASSISTANCE. If the victim is unresponsive, open the airway and give two rescue breaths by mouth to mouth that make the chest rise. If the person remains unresponsive, perform CPR. Jump in, don’t dive in. You could hit your head on the bottom and end up unconscious or with a broken neck.

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