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Occupational Medicine


Yubadocs is the leader in Workers’ Compensation treatment in western Nevada County.

Workers’ Compensation is a system that covers medical expenses and lost wages of employees who are injured at work. Nearly all employers in the state of California are required to purchase workers’ comp insurance for their business.

If you are a business, Yubadocs would be happy to treat your injured workers, either through the workers comp system or, when appropriate, as first aid. We are committed to working side by side with employers to make sure their employees get the highest quality care tailored to their business and that a workers’ compensation claim is filed only when necessary.  We believe it is in everyone’s best interest for the injured employee to return to work as soon as possible, and we work with the employee and employer to accomplish this.   We send work status reports to employers after each visit.  Our strong return to work philosophy reduces lost time, improves patient outcomes, and keeps disability claims in check.

In addition to treating injured workers through first aid or workers’ comp, we offer the following Occupational Medicine services:

  • Employment physicals tailored to meet your business needs

  • Back exams

  • DOT Medical exams

  • Drug screens- both DOT and non-DOT

  • Spirometry tests

  • Respiratory clearance exams

  • X-ray studies

  • Back to work evaluations

  • Hepatitis vaccination series

  • Tuberculosis screening

 For more information, please contact our Workers Compensation and Referral Coordinator,

 at (530) 208-5883.

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