Q: What is the difference between the types of tests available for COVID-19?

A:There are two different types of tests – diagnostic tests and antibody tests. A diagnostic test can show if you have an active coronavirus infection and should take steps to quarantine or isolate yourself from others.

Currently there are two types of diagnostic tests – molecular (RT-PCR) tests that detect the virus's genetic material, and antigen tests that detect specific proteins on the surface of the virus. Samples are typically collected with a nasal or throat swab, or saliva collected by spitting into a tube.

An antibody test looks for antibodies that are made by the immune system in response to a threat, such as a specific virus. Antibodies can help fight infections. Antibodies can take several days or weeks to develop after you have an infection and may stay in your blood for several weeks after recovery.


Q: What tests are available at YUBAdocs Urgent Care?

A:  We have several options for your COVID-19 testing needs.

1. COVID PCR: Sample is collected by nasal swab and sent out to one of our contracted labs for results.

2. SARS Antigen* (commonly known as the 'rapid' test): Sample is collected by nasal swab and tested in house with results provided within 20 minutes.   * PLEASE NOTE THIS IS ONLY WITH A PHYSICIAN REFERRAL. PATIENTS CANNOT SELF ELECT.

3. COVID Antibody: Sample is collected by blood draw and sent out to one of our contracted labs for results.


Q: How do I know which one I need?

A: Our medical team will be able to determine the best test depending upon the patient’s individual situation.


Q: What is the process to be tested?

A: If you have symptoms-Call our COVID screening line at 530-508-5881 and our staff will send you a link to register. Once registered, you will be contacted for screening. We cannot guarantee  testing for anyone and we encourage you to seek other testing options.

A: If you do not have symptoms-Visit our COVID registration link and register for a screening slot.

Q: What if I am an employer and need several staff tested?

A: Call 530-274-5020 or send an email request to frontoffice@yubadocs.com and our Practice Administrator will work with you to visit your site or make other arrangements if possible

Q: What does YUBAdocs charge for the tests?

COVID PCR: $120.00          SARS Antigen: $98.00       COVID Antibody: $60.00

Q: Will I need to pay this amount?

A: An individual’s expected out of pocket expense can vary and is dependent upon several factors.  As with any diagnostic test or medical procedure we encourage our patients to contact their insurance directly for details relating to their specific plan’s coverage of benefits. YUBAdocs provides the best care with the least out of pocket expenses whenever possible. 


Q: What if I have Medi-Cal?

A: Currently YUBAdocs Urgent Care is not able to bill Medi-Cal for COVID screening or testing.

Q: Where else can I get tested?


  1. OptumServe.  These are state sponsored testing sites.  Grass Valley OptumServe is at the Vets Hall in Grass Valley and is booked out 8 days. The one in Marysville is booked 1-2 days out, and there is also one Truckee. Call 888-634-1123 or https://www.lhi.care/covidtesting.  People report better response online than by phone.

  2. Patients can call 211, or 1-833-DIAL211.

  3.  There are 9 different home test kits available. Here’s a summary of them. Highlights of a couple:

    1. LabCorp’s Pixel is available now. This is the only one with no upfront cost to the patient. They will bill insurance or HSS if uninsured. Order online and it is sent to your home, results in 1-2 days from when test is sent back to LabCorp. PCR. https://www.pixel.labcorp.com/covid-19

    2. Quest’s Lucira was just authorized.  It can be run by the patient at home. Available now only to patients at Sutter Health in northern California and Cleveland Clinic in Miami.  Available to rest of the country in the spring. PCR test, requires prescription. https://www.lucirahealth.com/

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