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Q: What is the difference between the types of tests available for COVID-19?

A: There are two basic kinds of tests – diagnostic tests and antibody tests. A diagnostic test can show if you have an active coronavirus infection. An antibody test shows if you have had a past infection or vaccination.

Currently, there are two types of diagnostic tests – molecular (RT-PCR) tests that detect the virus's genetic material, and antigen tests that detect specific proteins on the surface of the virus. Samples are typically collected with a swab in the front of your nose.

An antibody test looks for antibodies that are made by our immune systems in response to an infection or vaccine. Antibodies help fight infections and typically take 10 days to several weeks to develop.  They stay in your blood in quantity for several weeks, while the cells that produce them stay ready in your bone marrow for years. Antibody tests can show if you have had an infection or vaccine in the past, but are not useful for diagnosing acute infections.

Q: What tests are available at YUBAdocs Urgent Care?

A:  We have several options for your COVID-19 testing needs. 

  1. COVID PCR: Sample is collected by nasal swab and sent out to a reference lab for analysis. This is the most sensitive test for COVID-19 and can be used for people who have no symptoms.

  2. SARS Antigen* (commonly known as the 'rapid' test): Sample is collected by nasal swab and tested in-house with results provided within 30 minutes.  PLEASE NOTE:  Antigen tests are not as sensitive and are approved only for people with symptoms of COVDI-19.

  3. COVID Antibody: Sample is collected by blood draw and sent out to a reference lab for analysis.


Q: How do I know which one I need?

A: Our clinicians will consult with you and determine the best test depending upon your individual situation.


Q: What is the process to be tested?

A: Call 530-274-5020.  If you are a new patient, one of our staff will send you a text link to register. Once registered, you will have a telemedicine screening visit with one of our clinicians. You will need FaceTime or Google Duo, depending on your smartphone.  During your virtual visit, you will be scheduled for testing in your car.  You won't have to come inside the clinic.


Q: What does YUBAdocs charge for the tests?

COVID PCR: $210.00          SARS Antigen: $198.00       COVID Antibody: $60.00

Q: How much will I need to pay?

A: If your test is medically necessary, we will bill your insurance for COVID screening and testing.  *Most insurance does not cover COVID testing for travel. We accept cash, credit card, or check.  ** It is your responsibility to know exactly what is required for your travel destination.

A: If you have insurance, including Medicare, we strongly encourage you to check with your plan first for any out of pocket expenses that may apply. Out of pocket expenses can vary depending upon several factors.  As with any diagnostic test or medical procedure, we encourage our patients to contact their insurance directly for details regarding their specific plan’s coverage and benefits. Our goal is to provide the best care with the least out of pocket expense to our patients.


Q: What if I have Medi-Cal?

A: Currently YUBAdocs Urgent Care is not able to bill Medi-Cal for COVID testing and screening.

Q: What if I am an employer and need several of my staff tested?

A: Call 530-274-5020 or send an email request to and our Practice Administrator will work with you to visit your site or make other arrangements if possible.

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