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Nevada County’s Urgent Care

Sometimes you can’t wait to see a doctor, but when you go to an Emergency Department, waiting is most of what you do. 


Yubadocs is different.  Our Urgent Care clinic is faster and less expensive than a visit to the hospital.  Plus, we are walk-in, which means you don't need an appointment and we’ll see you when your regular doctor can’t.  We have an award-winning staff and accept most insurance plans.  


Yubadocs Urgent Care is the only certified and accredited Urgent Care clinic in the area. It has accreditation status by the Urgent Care Association of America.


We hope you don’t need to see a doctor, but if you do, we hope you see us.


We love the Yuba River, which is the case for most people who spend time in Nevada County. 

And while it's true that a trip to the Yuba can be a healing experience, there are many problems the river can't take care of. 

That's where we come in.


8am-6pm Weekdays | 9am-4pm Weekends & Holidays

Dr. Hicks has been serving the community for over 18 years. With this new initiative, Dr. Hicks answers pressing medical questions in order to safeguard the health of our community.  Read More

CALL US TODAY  phone: 530 - 274 - 5020
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8AM - 6PM Weekdays
9AM - 4PM Weekends + Holidays

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