Nevada County’s Urgent Care

Sometimes you can’t wait to see a doctor, but when you go to an Emergency Department, waiting is most of what you do. 


Yubadocs is different.  Our Urgent Care clinic is faster and less expensive than a visit to the hospital.  Plus, we are walk-in, which means you don't need an appointment and we’ll see you when your regular doctor can’t.  We have an award-winning staff and accept most insurance plans.  


Yubadocs Urgent Care is the only certified and accredited Urgent Care clinic in the area. It has accreditation status by the Urgent Care Association of America.


We hope you don’t need to see a doctor, but if you do, we hope you see us.

Welcome to YubaDocs

ouR waiting room is your living room


At Yubadocs Urgent Care, you don’t have to wait in our waiting room.  Just choose the time that’s convenient and available and we’ll place you in line.

Please note: Using this system does not guarantee you an appointment time. Due to the nature of urgent care, wait times are often unpredictable. With this online check in system, we do our best to inform you of when you should arrive, but you may still have to spend some time in our waiting room.


8am-6pm Weekdays | 9am-4pm Weekends + Holidays

CALL US TODAY  phone: 530 - 274 - 5020
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8AM - 6PM Weekdays
9AM - 4PM Weekends + Holidays

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